May 13, 2007

Power for Peace

In response to abduction of two soldiers by few terrorists, the entire country is attacked. The infrastructure is shattered, civilians are killed and children are orphaned. All this to escalate tensions so as to highlight the issue of 'terrorism' to the world. (read 'world powers')

Israel-Lebanon War 2006
Two soldiers from Israel were kidnapped in Lebanon and Israel attacked the whole country in response. Lebanon was destroyed. The whole country was devastated. CNN was covering it live and extensively. Arabic channels were also covering it. These channels were showing the wounded people, orphaned kids, scattered human bodies, and destroyed homes and cities whereas CNN was not so upfront in showing all this.

Having lived in Tunisia for few months and worked with Arabic people, I found myself experiencing a different thought process. No matter what the conflict of Arabs and Israel was, as an Indian, I felt that the reaction of Israel was an over kill. Destruction of Lebanon was not helping Israel and it also failed to to get the soldiers back. While I saw the Arab-Israel conflict while in an Arab country, I increasingly felt sorry for the people of Lebanon.

It was a clear case of a powerful country, backed by the powers of the world, trying to dominate the lesser powered neighbour through the might of Army.

An absolute non-sense approach.

This is the second big event which the world witnessed and made me realise that for 'Peace, Power is Must'.

May 12, 2007

Tunisia: Sousse

The Medina

Although I had heard about this term before, visiting these medina's offered a real experience . A Mednia, essentially a small city, with narrow lanes, densely populated and protected by fort like walls, offer a rustic experience. The small walled cities were designed to protect the residents against attacks and pirates.

The medina in Tunis is full of small time shop keepers, and medina of Hammamet is specially made for 'Tourists', it doesn't have 'authenticity'. Nonetheless, you have to be in Soussse's Medina to have a close look in to the life in Medinas. The Medina in sousse is one of the most authentic medina I saw in Tunisia.

The medina of Sousse is a fomouse one and the visit is not complete without the medina.

Find out more about Medinas on Wikipedia

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A view of horizon from Port El Kantaoui

May 11, 2007

Vegetarian food: A challenge

An Asian, having worked in an American predominant industry, goes in a beautiful North African country, stays amongst Arabs, who are conversant with Arabic and French languages and do not understand English.

Tries to find vegetarian food.

Then finds that its available but can't eat!!!

Because can't communicate and order...

The Food. A toughest and most difficult part of my stay.

Once I ordered Vegetarian Pizza and got Mediterranean Pizza!!! The shop owner could not understand my accent.

Luckily for me, I came across a pizza shop whose owner could converse in English. And he made Delicious Pizzas. Slowly, we became friends and on my last day in Tunisia, I went to his shop for the last bite.

He asked all his assistants not to work on my order. He made that pizza himself.

Such warmth I have come across only in India so far.

This place is situated near Champion super market(Lafayette), opposite INSTITUT BOURGUIBA DES LANGUES VIVANTES

I am happy to recommend this place.

May 05, 2007

Sousse:- The Great Mousque

This is one place which I missed to go inside. If you are in Sousse, do not forget to visit medina and this mosque.

A view of The Great Mosque from Ribat

The outer walls of The Great Mosque

March 07, 2007

Sousse: Port El Kantaoui

Port El Kantaoui Photos

Sousse: Beach

Sousse: Mosaic Museum

Few of the photos are sheer Photographer's Delight