August 29, 2006

Tunisia: Hammamet

Going to hammamet in Tunisia, is a welcome break for any urban dweller.

This town has an urban look, however has a small roads with small houses on the sides. A walk on the road gives you enough oportunity to enjoy the open skies. The ful view of open skies is not possible for people who stay in metros of India. I visited this place twice in a week's time

It was not enough.

Normally, when you travel by bus, the bus drops you in the Hammemet center. As you walk towards the beach, you come across some beautiful houses, small hotels, some cafes and then a beach.

There is another part of the town, known as Yasmine Hammamet. This is newere Hammamet, which is developed as a touristic attaraction.

Once you are in Hmmamet, dont forget to take a touristic train to Yasmine Hammamet. A ride on this train is memorable.

Hammamet: I think this house was converted into a hotel and presented a beautiful picture.

Hammamet: The fort and there are some shops inside this fort.

Hammamet: The Blue and White buildings

Hammamet: This group of mermaids welcome you when you reach the beach

Hammamet: The holiday season was at its peak when I visited Hammamet. Look at the number of people on this photograph.

Hammamet: I am fishing baby

Hammamet: I could not resist to click this photograph.

Hammamet: This place offer a comfortable walk on the beach

Hammamet: A cruise ship just close to the beach

Hammamet: Friends, famliies and kids having fun on the beach

Hammamet: A walkway on the beach

Hammamet: The beautiful Mediterranean

Hammamet: You come across some beautiful structures while taking a walk on the beach.

Hammamet: I found this beautiful touristc train an excellent idea.

Hammamet: On way to Yasmine Hammamet, this resort has the looks of a fort.

Hammamet: Writing on the wall...

Hammamet: There are 3-4 such statues of Elephants

Hammamet: The entrance to Carthage Land

Hammamet: One of those large hotels just oposite this shop in Yasmine Hammamet

Hammamet: Beautiful handicrafts and traditional goods for sale, Yasmine Hammamet

Hammamet: Yasmine Hammamet is beautifully made and well decorated.

Hammamet: This baby elephant gives you the directions.

Hammamet: A restautrant in Yesmine Hammamet. Could not resist to click. It was too colorful.

Hammamet: A shop selling traditional goods and handicrafts inside Yasmine Hammemet medina

Hammamet: A colorful restaurant in Yasmine Hammamet

Hammamet: The gateway to Medina in Yasmine Hammamet.

Hammamet: Horses keep a vigil just outside medina

Hammamet: A beautiful entrance to the hotel where we had our snacks

Hammamet: A view from the road

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