August 18, 2006

Parc du Belvdere: The Lion King

Initial few weeks were very hectic at work. The Saturdays were also very much busy, however, still relaxed.

We decided to visit the zoo in one of such weekends.

On one of such Saturday afternoon, we could hear the roar of the lion in our hotel room while we discussed work.

Although I had seen the Lion earlier, but had never experienced a roaring Lion in my life. I was excited and in my first visit, I ignored all the animals and saw only the lion.

This was an awesome sight. The lion was sleeping like a king with the lioness beside him. After some time the Lion got up and started to roar again and lioness followed him.

I went to zoo very often after that and if I was busy at work then I made it a point to see The Lion King as much I could. The beast has been a childhood fascination. Watching the King of Jungle along with his Queen was treat to my eyes.

I clicked many photographs of several birds and animals in Parc du Belvedre. Being not experienced in clicking animal's and birds photos, I found it little tougher. I was mistaken to be a journalist few times, I think becasue of the SLR camera I was carrying, the caretakers and the zoo staff cooperated with me lot of times.

From photographer's point of view, it was a new experience and helped me to add couple of good photographs to my portfolio. Posted by Picasa

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