August 18, 2006

Parc du Belvdere: A Walk

A walk in the zoo can be very relaxing.

Inside the zoo, you can enjoy a walk while looking at the animals. When you observe carefully, you see the similarities between the animals behaviour and the children beahviour patterns.

Both the behaviour patterns stem from innocence, lost in their own worlds.
Once outside the zoo, one can go for a walk in the woods. The whole of park is well maintained with good security arrangement.

Then there is cafe encircled by a pond. This pond again has few ducks and geese. The walk looks pretty short once you start looking at the beautiful creatures on this earth.

The walk in the zoo seems pretty shorter while one looks at the enchanting animals.

The Ostrich

The Zebras

The Hippo

The Rhino

The deer

I watched him finish his food and then he sat there for hours together. Too tired of grazing all the time...

A baby deer
Hey...Thanks!!! I know, I am handsome

A baby Kangaroo

Don't are not clean...
Caught in the act!!!

The Bears
Into deep thoughts
Why these spectators look at us all the time...
Who are you Mister? Seems to be the question in mind

The Seal...Having the afternoon snacks

A pair of Porcupines. Enjoying the evening food together...

A Rat - Rabbit Like Creature
This Cute little rat like creature...I dont know what its called...They stayed in pair and was playing hide and seek I guess. I could see only one at a time until the it froced the one to come out...:)


I guess this camel simply knew what a photographer needs

A camel lookalike
Enough of eating... Let me take some rest now...

The Birds


The Threatening Look

Friendly Cat

I think this cat found me friendly. At the end og this visit, as soon I sat down on bench near by and thought of taking some rest, it came out and sat in from of me. Its looks and the pose were perfect for a photograph. After I clicked the photo, I said "Thank you baby", and she disappeared.

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Melissa said...

I just wanted to help you with the names of some of the animals. The rat-rabbit like creature is called a Guinea Pig and the camel look alike is a llama :) Cute animals aren't they?