August 19, 2006

Tunis: Avenue Habib Bourguiba

On a lazy afternoon when I was too fedup of sitting at home, I kept on walking towards a direction which I saw seemed to be the destination of almost all people wround. After walking for about 3-4 Kms. I came across a beautiful street called Avenue Habib Bourguiba.

Avenue Habib Bourguiba is a about a mile long street. This street is named after the first president of Tunisia, who is known as the father of Tunisia.

This street is full of people and brims with energy on a Saturday morning.

Locals, tourists, professionals like me all seem to flock to this street on Saturdays. There are good number of cafes on both sides of the street. The hotels and the banks are in abundance.

This mile long steet has lots trees on the sideways which makes a walk in the afternoon also a pleasant one.

Then there is this beautiful cathedral called Cathedral St. Vincent de Paul.

Do not miss the beauty of this monument.
This monument has some beautiful
mosaic painintgs and I think
one of the main tourist attractions.

Just stand below this monument and look up in the sky.

You will find Jesus Christ blessing everyone around.

It was an amazing sight.

Criss cross of lines and rectangles

There are hotels, cafes, banks, houses and offices on both sides of this street.

Look at this photo of Hotel Hana, I think.

It presented a beautifil netwrok of lines, sqaures and rectangles. Some of the inner shapes were shaded.

The building of Hotel Africa, inTunis, on the street, had a different view to offer.

Not only because it was different from other buildings on the street, also becasue this building was visibile from almost any place in Tunis.

While I came back from other towns, I made it a point to see this building, in order to ensure that we were near Tunis.

7 Novembere 'Clock Tower'

The street ends at 7 Novembere 1987 square 'Clock Tower'.

The fountain arrangment around this old clock tower is excellent and if you are here on a hot day of the summer, you will enjoy your visit.

People sit on the boundary and enjor the cool showers form the fountains. One can spend an hour or so like this. I saw few children spending hours together here.

On the opposite side of the street, you will find, France Avenue.

This is again a street, shorter one, with offices and cafes on both the side.

This street is full of traffic and people on weekends. Lots of people and lots of tourists.

The street ends where the Medina starts.

This is the gateway to Medina of Tunis city.

The walls of medina in Tunis are not into existence and therefore one can not make out if you are in medina.

This place opens you ways in the bazaar which are specially meant for tourists. You can get various kinds of traditional things here.

If you are like me, you will feel like buying all artistic looking
handmade stuff.

The road which is empty now, you will find lots of traffic, vehicles and traffic jams on a weekend, sepecially on a Saturday.


Summer Puente said...

Merci beaucoup, votre blog est fantastique!

יוסי טהר said...

Bonjour. Mon nom est Yossi Tahar
Je suis né à Tunis il ya 50 ans
J'ai quitté la Tunisie en 1967 après la guerre
Je vis en Israël et je rate mon paysage d'enfance
J'ai vécu dans l'Avenue du Lion
Juste en face de la statue de lion
J'ai été heureux de voir cette rue View
Et de l'avenue de Paris
Ma maison était très grande avec balcon
Entouré d'une partie importante du bâtiment
Si ça vous fait plaisir à des sites Web Lhfiot
Intéressant à propos de Tunis
Merci d'avance

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