September 08, 2006

Germany 2006: Rediscovering the Game

I was a school going kid when I started playing football. I have vivid memories of first few matches. Instead of the ball, the palyers were kicked around many times. I was one of the recipients of such kicks. And found the coaches on both the sides ignoring the 'kicks'. This made the first few matches the last matches and never looked at the game again.

Not being a sports-oriented, it was OK for me to follow the national passion, Cricket, more closely than the Football. This went on for decades and I almost forgot soccer.

Thus it made no difference to me when I came to know of a world cup in Germany.

However, I realised the passion it carries after watching few matches this summer.

I was totally unaware of that, a football match can be so exciting. Whenever I was out for a jog and walk during the match timing, I found localites hooking on to their TV sets, the malls were empty, well almost, the roads deserted, the shops without customers and at times without owners. Restaurants and cafes with TV sets were packed with people enjoying the ciggrattes, Chicha with a cup of coffee and tea.

Such scenes reminded me of cricket matches in India, between Indian and other teams.

It was during this time that I rediscovered my love for the sport. Probably, I understood the game better and appreciated many aspects of the game. At times I jumped over my beds, when a goal was missed.

Probably, any soccer match will remind me of the my stay in Tunis in future and yes, will love to see Henry, Bekham, Zidane, and Rooney again.

The world witnessed two major events while I was in Tunis.
The first was the FIFA World Cup-Germany 2006

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