August 19, 2006

Tunis: Avenue Habib Bourguiba

On a lazy afternoon when I was too fedup of sitting at home, I kept on walking towards a direction which I saw seemed to be the destination of almost all people wround. After walking for about 3-4 Kms. I came across a beautiful street called Avenue Habib Bourguiba.

Avenue Habib Bourguiba is a about a mile long street. This street is named after the first president of Tunisia, who is known as the father of Tunisia.

This street is full of people and brims with energy on a Saturday morning.

Locals, tourists, professionals like me all seem to flock to this street on Saturdays. There are good number of cafes on both sides of the street. The hotels and the banks are in abundance.

This mile long steet has lots trees on the sideways which makes a walk in the afternoon also a pleasant one.

Then there is this beautiful cathedral called Cathedral St. Vincent de Paul.

Do not miss the beauty of this monument.
This monument has some beautiful
mosaic painintgs and I think
one of the main tourist attractions.

Just stand below this monument and look up in the sky.

You will find Jesus Christ blessing everyone around.

It was an amazing sight.

Criss cross of lines and rectangles

There are hotels, cafes, banks, houses and offices on both sides of this street.

Look at this photo of Hotel Hana, I think.

It presented a beautifil netwrok of lines, sqaures and rectangles. Some of the inner shapes were shaded.

The building of Hotel Africa, inTunis, on the street, had a different view to offer.

Not only because it was different from other buildings on the street, also becasue this building was visibile from almost any place in Tunis.

While I came back from other towns, I made it a point to see this building, in order to ensure that we were near Tunis.

7 Novembere 'Clock Tower'

The street ends at 7 Novembere 1987 square 'Clock Tower'.

The fountain arrangment around this old clock tower is excellent and if you are here on a hot day of the summer, you will enjoy your visit.

People sit on the boundary and enjor the cool showers form the fountains. One can spend an hour or so like this. I saw few children spending hours together here.

On the opposite side of the street, you will find, France Avenue.

This is again a street, shorter one, with offices and cafes on both the side.

This street is full of traffic and people on weekends. Lots of people and lots of tourists.

The street ends where the Medina starts.

This is the gateway to Medina of Tunis city.

The walls of medina in Tunis are not into existence and therefore one can not make out if you are in medina.

This place opens you ways in the bazaar which are specially meant for tourists. You can get various kinds of traditional things here.

If you are like me, you will feel like buying all artistic looking
handmade stuff.

The road which is empty now, you will find lots of traffic, vehicles and traffic jams on a weekend, sepecially on a Saturday.

August 18, 2006

Parc du Belvdere: A Walk

A walk in the zoo can be very relaxing.

Inside the zoo, you can enjoy a walk while looking at the animals. When you observe carefully, you see the similarities between the animals behaviour and the children beahviour patterns.

Both the behaviour patterns stem from innocence, lost in their own worlds.
Once outside the zoo, one can go for a walk in the woods. The whole of park is well maintained with good security arrangement.

Then there is cafe encircled by a pond. This pond again has few ducks and geese. The walk looks pretty short once you start looking at the beautiful creatures on this earth.

The walk in the zoo seems pretty shorter while one looks at the enchanting animals.

The Ostrich

The Zebras

The Hippo

The Rhino

The deer

I watched him finish his food and then he sat there for hours together. Too tired of grazing all the time...

A baby deer
Hey...Thanks!!! I know, I am handsome

A baby Kangaroo

Don't are not clean...
Caught in the act!!!

The Bears
Into deep thoughts
Why these spectators look at us all the time...
Who are you Mister? Seems to be the question in mind

The Seal...Having the afternoon snacks

A pair of Porcupines. Enjoying the evening food together...

A Rat - Rabbit Like Creature
This Cute little rat like creature...I dont know what its called...They stayed in pair and was playing hide and seek I guess. I could see only one at a time until the it froced the one to come out...:)


I guess this camel simply knew what a photographer needs

A camel lookalike
Enough of eating... Let me take some rest now...

The Birds


The Threatening Look

Friendly Cat

I think this cat found me friendly. At the end og this visit, as soon I sat down on bench near by and thought of taking some rest, it came out and sat in from of me. Its looks and the pose were perfect for a photograph. After I clicked the photo, I said "Thank you baby", and she disappeared.

Parc du Belvdere: The Lion King

Initial few weeks were very hectic at work. The Saturdays were also very much busy, however, still relaxed.

We decided to visit the zoo in one of such weekends.

On one of such Saturday afternoon, we could hear the roar of the lion in our hotel room while we discussed work.

Although I had seen the Lion earlier, but had never experienced a roaring Lion in my life. I was excited and in my first visit, I ignored all the animals and saw only the lion.

This was an awesome sight. The lion was sleeping like a king with the lioness beside him. After some time the Lion got up and started to roar again and lioness followed him.

I went to zoo very often after that and if I was busy at work then I made it a point to see The Lion King as much I could. The beast has been a childhood fascination. Watching the King of Jungle along with his Queen was treat to my eyes.

I clicked many photographs of several birds and animals in Parc du Belvedre. Being not experienced in clicking animal's and birds photos, I found it little tougher. I was mistaken to be a journalist few times, I think becasue of the SLR camera I was carrying, the caretakers and the zoo staff cooperated with me lot of times.

From photographer's point of view, it was a new experience and helped me to add couple of good photographs to my portfolio. Posted by Picasa

August 17, 2006

Tunis: Initial days

I arrived in Tunis on 26th May 2006 and checked into the Hotel Les Ambassadeurs.

Les Ambassadeurs is a good hotel with decent location, reasonable charges and its safe. I guess the hotel was safe for women who wanted to stay alone because I noticed few women staying alone in the hotel for longer durations. It’s situated exactly opposite to Parc du Belvedere where I witnessed few most summer nights from the balcony of my room.

Few most beautiful urban nights I had ever seen. The café in the park was the only area lit with yellow lights. The sheer arrangement of colours at dusk made it a sight to be cherished. The blue sky, below that a layer of orange and yellow coloured skyline, then further below, a layer of greenish black skyline of the trees in the park and then a semicircle of yellow coloured café engulfed in the dark. If it was not too dark then one could also see a pair of fountains in the pond that circled the café, adding to the beauty.

Truly excellent urban night!

In the evenings, I used to go for a jog in the park in front. I had also reserved my early mornings of weekends for jog and walk in the park. The excitement and the eagerness to get up early on a Saturday was too much to feel lazy on a typical weekend morning. An early morning walk offered a different experience than what early mornings offered in most of the weekdays.
The fresh air, the dancing peacocks, the ducks and the geese ‘walking around with their kids in the pond’ and a herd of deer!

Soon after arrival in Tunis, I realised that I was at a place where no one spoke the language which I knew. The French and the Arabic is the language they speak and our boss was successful in instilling a fear in us about the possibility of getting robbed at the hands of local people. I kept to myself for a long time in the hotel while in Tunis.

This very notion that the locals are bad proved to be wrong in the first six weeks and I decided to roam around in Tunisia.

My experiences with locals were good and were refreshingly different from what I had come across in the United States, England and Scotland.

I regret that my experience with Arabs was less and it happened very late in my life. I should have got the opportunity to live and work with Arabs very early in my career and it should have been for a longer duration.