March 07, 2007

Sousse: Dar Essid

If you want to have a glimse at 18th century lifestyle in Tunisia, go to Dar Essid in Sousse and spend some time there. This place too took me to my childhood days, my ancestral house had many similarities with this one.

The architecture is beautiful, the furnishing are marvelous.

A government official stayed with his two wives in this house and do not miss the bedroom.

The bedroom: This place has two beds and a lamp. A story goes that the man filled amp with oil, lit it and used to be in action with his wives until lamp went out, to prove his 'stamina'.

A view of the Kasbah from terrace


Anonymous said...

Sadly closed at the moment as Sami, the owner died in January 2011. RIP Sami, Allah yerekmu! A lovely man only 45, he left a wife and son. Regards to them and also to his mother Zohra and sister Sameh.


Anonymous said...

You will be pleased to know that the house has been reopened. I visited in April this year (2012) and found it fascinating.