May 13, 2007

Power for Peace

In response to abduction of two soldiers by few terrorists, the entire country is attacked. The infrastructure is shattered, civilians are killed and children are orphaned. All this to escalate tensions so as to highlight the issue of 'terrorism' to the world. (read 'world powers')

Israel-Lebanon War 2006
Two soldiers from Israel were kidnapped in Lebanon and Israel attacked the whole country in response. Lebanon was destroyed. The whole country was devastated. CNN was covering it live and extensively. Arabic channels were also covering it. These channels were showing the wounded people, orphaned kids, scattered human bodies, and destroyed homes and cities whereas CNN was not so upfront in showing all this.

Having lived in Tunisia for few months and worked with Arabic people, I found myself experiencing a different thought process. No matter what the conflict of Arabs and Israel was, as an Indian, I felt that the reaction of Israel was an over kill. Destruction of Lebanon was not helping Israel and it also failed to to get the soldiers back. While I saw the Arab-Israel conflict while in an Arab country, I increasingly felt sorry for the people of Lebanon.

It was a clear case of a powerful country, backed by the powers of the world, trying to dominate the lesser powered neighbour through the might of Army.

An absolute non-sense approach.

This is the second big event which the world witnessed and made me realise that for 'Peace, Power is Must'.